Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Flavors, J'aime Le Fromage

Crisp Apple, smooth Brie & Smoked Turkey~means J'aime Le Fromage (translation: I love cheese!) I've be singing praises of Brie for years....
My youngest daughter was a Brie fanatic from an early age. Actually both my daughters seem to have a great appreciation for a good cheese.  They did however get the adoration of fine fromage from me...this love of all things cheese does make it into the lunch hour frequently.
Toasted Cheese Sandwich has always been a stand alone favorite in our house but taking it to work or school is a different story.  I decided a little lunch time improvisation as in order for a "toasted" Brie, Apple & Turkey sandwich.
 I toasted the bread slices with a scant amount of butter on one side of each piece of bread, let the toasted bread cool completely before assembling the sandwich. I thinly sliced the Brie cheese, sliced the Apple super thin & then layered in a few Spinach leaves after I added thinly sliced Smoked Turkey Breast.  Make sure the bread is not warm still ( it will be slightly soggy from the steam is so, wrapping it in a paper towel helps absorb the moisture too.) place it into your lunch box.  This sandwich is fine chilled or perfect reheated for about 20 seconds.  It makes the Brie slightly soft & the apple flavors seem to pop!  I spread nothing on the bread for this sandwich This is just personal preference.  Lunch box additions were: Blueberries & Watermelon slices & a few lowfat fig newtons
***Cheese note:  Brie comes in many varieties, this is one of the least in price & more widely available in the states but perfect for melting into a cheese sandwich.  Want to take a walk on the wild cheese side?  Check out the cheese counter at Whole Foods.  It is a real trip to Bountiful!! Happy Lunch hour!
Cheesy Factoid:
The oldest recorded evidence that anyone could find of the existence of Brie Cheese was found in the chronicles of Charlemagne. At that time, the Emperor in power, had a taste of the now-famous cheese in the city of Brie around the year 774 BC. And here’s another fascinating tidbit about Brie cheese… Louis XVI’s last and dying wish was supposedly to have a final taste of Brie. *

*for more history of Brie check here


  1. I love your new blog! I think lunches are always hard to make in that, unless it's soup or a salad, I always struggle to come up with a decent sandwich. I expect to get plenty of ideas here along with beautiful pictures.

  2. Thanks, Pattie! I think there are not that many lunch blogs out there, especially for working folks. My mother used to pack creative lunches & I have to say my husband & I have done that for years. It is just far more cost effective to take a lunch rather than eat out. Generally better calorie-wise too!

  3. yum. i wish you still made my lunches.

  4. Jackie as I recall you made many of those lunches:)